Below is a list of free tools that I have used and found useful at any point in time in my trading journey: – I use this everyday for it’s free stock screener. there is also a paid ad free version with extra bells and whistles but I’ve never made the leap  – their free ChartSchool is a great start for all things technical analysis (LightShot) –  free screen shot tool. create a folder and take pictures of every single one of your trades to improve and look back on – the best and worst tool on the internet. you can get access to some of the best traders in the world **but please be very very cautious who you give your hard earned money to from there – you aren’t doing yourself any favors if you don’t listen to people that have done what you are trying to accomplish – can’t say enough amazing things about this blog that has been going strong since 2005. Steenbarger’s blog and books transformed the way I thought about and approached trading  – no one explains probabilities as well as FT71 & if you trade futures his free material is a must (check out his chatwithtraders interview as well)

Books – there are tons of great trading books but these are the ones I’ve read more than once and will likely read again in the near future

  • Market Wizards Series – Schwager (the original chatwithtraders)
  • The Daily Trading Coach – Steenbarger
  • Trading In The Zone – Douglas
  • One Good Trade – Bellafiore
  • Trade Your Way To Financial Freedom – Tharp
  • Come Into My Trading Room – Elder
  • Secrets To Emotion Free Trading – Levin (focuses on visualization techniques so may be woowoo to some)
  • Trend Following – Covel

Not specifically about trading but great books that helped me along the way

  • Think and Grow Rich (TAGR) – Hill
  • Mastery – The Keys to Success and Long-Term Fulfillment – Leonard
  • The Power of Self-Discipline – Tracy
  • The Power of Habit – Duhigg