A little background

What better first blog post than a little background on me that I’ll pretty much use for the About tab. (grammar and punctuation have never been my strong suit so if that bothers you this is probably not for you)

I recently recorded a podcast that’ll probably be released in a few weeks which should provide more color about how I got into trading and how I survived (but far from thrived) the first few years. I don’t want to spoil all the stuff that will be in the recording, but I’m a 27 year old guy living in Texas with my beautiful wife, wild dog, and first baby on the way! I never really thought about being a trader until a few strokes of luck and a brash life changing decision to dive in head first.

I’ve been trading full time since June 2013. My first 6 months were about as bloody as they could be and I got close to pulling the plug on the whole thing more than once. I wish earlier in my almost 4 year journey I put pieces together that have drastically improved my consistency, but nothing I’ve done is new or a secret by any means. Hell, from pretty much day one I read about the very things I ignored for years. My actual style or strategy is geared towards small cap momentum day trading, but the processes/lessons that I used to improve were adapted from futures, momentum, trend, and options traders so they can be applied across all styles. For example, I watched 20+ hours of @FuturesTrader71’s risk and probabilities webinars and, while I could never seem to make things work trading S&P futures, it helped me connect the missing pieces to my scaling of position and risk management process.

The changes I’ve had to make to become a better trader have spilled over into my life outside of the markets. It’s required me to become more self-disciplined, mindful, and emotionally controlled. The hardest part about this job is staring your weaknesses in the eyes and at times making painful changes for the best.

I’m not really sure where I plan to go with this blog, but I know when I started trading some lights started going off in my head when studying the paths of other traders . The idea would be to write about things that got me in and out of rough patches, tips to surviving, the best things I learned from those before me, and questions I get from people so they can be referenced by others.

I’m going to work on compiling some free resources and education that helped me along the way for my next post. If you have any ideas for future posts I’d love the feed back!

5 thoughts on “A little background

  1. Awesome dude! Could be nice to hear your considerations when you are evaluating a PR, or maybe which fundamental key metrics you are looking for (if any). I’m starting to realize the crucial important part in adjusting my risk accordingly to my conviction, so any words about probabilities, risk-management, etc. could be nice as well. Some key take-aways from @FuturesTrader71’s webinar could also be phenomenal, I’ll will definitely check his video series out later the this week.


    • Thanks for the ideas I’ll add them to my list! With out a doubt I plan to write something about probabilities sooner than later – but def watch his stuff on youtube. I have pages and pages of notes there is so much quality material


  2. Dear Alex,

    thank you very much for sharing your story on ChatWithTraders! Especially the story about you leaving your “safe” job in order to start trading full time was very interesting to listen to and your whole story gave me some new perspective on my own future decisions!



  3. Love the grind man, your story is inspiring! I personally learn quicker from hearing it straight from other traders and their journeys through it. Thanks for sharing and for helping others!


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